Welcome to SnipMe. SnipMe, Inc. launched the SnipMe Network in 2016 after 2 years of development. We are a disruptive, next-generation TV network that leverages user-generated video. SnipMe gives every viewer an opportunity to be the focus of broadcast-quality shows. We do this by soliciting user videos and picking the best of them to create advertiser-safe programming, while integrating those videos into users’ social media platforms. We were an operating application until the end of 2016, but have gone dormant at this time. We have two patents issued and are awaiting another that could be tremendous for us and allow us to relaunch or sell the intellectual of the company. If you are interested in more information about the company, the intellectual property, or want to see more demo videos including how the app works, please contact:

Colleen Henderson
Windemere Partners